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You may be wondering: “Do I have termites?” or “How can I get rid of termites?” Getting answers to these questions is important, since termite damage costs Pee Dee and Grand Strand Region homeowners millions of dollars each year.

Read on and find out if you are dealing with these pests.

Signs of Termites

Are small tunnels dotting the area around your house? Maybe you have seen swarms of flying insects. These could be two common signs of termites: termite tubes and swarmers.  Subterranean termites build mud tunnels as they forage for food. Once these wood destroying insects bump up against your house, they will branch out into many areas of its structure. Then they will attack the structure to provide food for the colony.  When spring arrives, winged termites come out to reproduce. If you spot them swarming or find their wings on windowsills, it means that they are expanding their colony.

Free Inspection

When you call us, one of our pest control experts will come to your home or business and offer you a free ant inspection. He will inspect your home and property and then design a pest control plan catered to your specific needs completely free of charge.

Affordable Termite Control

Our years of experience and training have taught us that even the most difficult situations can be resolved at a fair cost. When you contact our office, we are happy to provide you with a general cost of service and answer any questions you may have.

Superior Sentricon® Termite Treatments

Following a thorough inspection, your pest control expert will determine the best treatment for your situation: either a bait system or the liquid barrier option. Both treatment methods have been perfected over our 50 years of service. Whatever the option, you can rest assured that we will solve your termite problem with our tried-and-true formula.

With the bait method, your pest control specialist will set up the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active TM to control the termite threat. Harris Pest Control is proud to be an Authorized Operator of the Sentricon System® since 1998.

The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active TM technology is an effective, environmentally responsible way to protect your property from termites. Your pest control technician will discreetly place Sentricon® termite bait stations around your property. Every station is baited to ensure protection from termite invasion of your property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With Sentricon® there is no drilling, digging, trenching, or chemical application required. Your technician can install and/or service the system without you even needing to be home or on site.

Effective Liquid Termite Treatments

Safe Termite PreventionWith this method, your pest control specialist will start off by applying a liquid termiticide, such as Termidor SC, to the soil under and adjacent to your home or building. By doing so, your exterminator will achieve two goals. He will have killed termites and created an invisible barrier to prevent new arrivals from entering your property.

At Harris, our termite exterminators use liquid products that termites can’t smell, taste or avoid. Once a termite contacts the termiticide, it will become a carrier contacting and poisoning others. We use products that are effective at very low application rates. These products bind to the soil, so they will not contaminate their surroundings during rainfall. We use the most effective liquid termiticide products available today. Our skilled technicians are fully trained and certified by state, federal and industry agencies to apply these products and to protect your property.



We provide the best termite warranty in the area. We offer service and damage repair warranties that provide and maintain the protection you need. Our termite bonds are transferable and renewable. No other pest control company in the Pee Dee or Grand Strand Regions of South Carolina provides such a guarantee of its services.


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