Flea & Tick Control: A Guide For South Carolina Residents
May 3, 2024

Flea & Tick Control: A Guide For South Carolina Residents

Fleas and ticks are common pests in the Pee Dee and Grand Strand regions. Far too common. But you don't have to put up with these biting pests. Your Harris Pest Control service team has the solution. Whether you're looking to get rid of fleas indoors or hoping to stop fleas and ticks from taking over your yard, we have you covered. Join us today as we break down all the facts you need for effective flea and tick control in South Carolina.

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Flea habits and biology

When fleas hatch, they aren't leaping insects, they look more like worms. The worm-like larvae don't bite and must get their nourishment from flea dirt, which is the fecal matter of adult fleas. When flea larvae develop, they pass through the pupal stage, and a cocoon is formed. It waits in the cocoon as an adult flea. When a furry animal comes near, the flea breaks forth and springs onto it. Animals are the vehicles fleas use to enter your yard.

Wild animals that explore your home may find a place to bed down in landscaping or underneath structures. In these places, they drop flea eggs and flea dirt. The flea larvae that hatch need shade, moisture, and food—all of which are found where animals bed down. When fleas develop, they cocoon near your home and wait to emerge and leap on your dog or cat. This is how they get into your home. Of course, they could come inside on rodents, too.

Flea prevention tips from the pros

  • Reduce wildlife activity by keeping trash covered, trimming vegetation, removing bird feeders, and cleaning up nuts that fall from your trees.
  • Clean your gutters and address other conditions that can increase perimeter moisture and promote flea habitats.
  • Make sure your pets are treated for fleas.
  • Wash pet bedding to destroy flea larvae.

You can deter fleas from entering your home and, if you act quickly, prevent them from taking root. When you need a flea treatment, contact us for assistance.

Tick habits And biology

When ticks hatch, they start as six-legged critters called seed ticks. A seed tick will live on a small host animal but fall off to find a larger animal. When small animals, like mice and squirrels, come into your yard, they start the conditions for an indoor infestation. The seed ticks look for a large animal by climbing to the top of grass blades or the tips of plant leaves. When your dog or cat passes by, the tick climbs on. Ticks can climb on humans as well. This is how they get into your home.

Tick prevention tips

  • Reduce the factors that bring wildlife into your yard.
  • Address moist habitats.
  • Talk to your vet about a tick preventative.
  • Check your pets for attached ticks. These pests commonly attach in the ears and between the toes.
  • Check yourself and your family members when y’all come in from being outside. Wear bright colors so it is easier to see ticks crawling on you.

For help identifying and getting rid of ticks, contact Harris Pest Control.

How Harris Pest Control treats fleas and ticks

At Harris Pest Control, we offer effective flea and tick control in Florence, Kingstree, and Myrtle Beach, as well as throughout our multi-county service area. When you contact us for help, we’ll start by scheduling a free flea and tick inspection.

Indoor flea treatments

When fleas get into your home, they are often pernicious. You can go after them over and over again without success. When you contact Harris Pest Control, we apply a control material in key areas of your home to paralyze adult fleas and eliminate them. The material we apply also contains an insect growth regulator that stops insect development and prevents flea larvae from growing into adult fleas. We inspect your home for conducive conditions and provide insights into how you can prevent fleas from infesting your home again. 

Outdoor flea & tick control

When you're having trouble with either of these pests in your yard, we can help you get relief. One of our fully licensed pest control specialists will inspect your yard, catalog trouble spots, and apply a control material that eliminates both fleas and ticks. Routine treatments help you keep these worrisome pests off your furry family members and out of your house.

Reach out for help exterminating fleas and ticks

If you’re having trouble with fleas or ticks, don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Contact Harris Pest Control today for assistance!

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