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Crawl space Encapsulation

If you've noticed wood decay or other issues caused by moisture in your home's crawl space, Harris Pest Control has the solution! We've been providing effective moisture control services in the Pee Dee area as well as Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand for over five decades and are ready to help you protect your crawlspace from destructive pests, mold, mildew, and other problems caused by excessive moisture! 

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Protect Your Home From Excessive Crawl space Moisture

The environment under your home is just as important as the environment inside your home. Excessive moisture conditions in a home’s crawl space can lead to a number expensive and troublesome problems including wood rot, mildew, foundation problems, sticking doors, damaged flooring, musty odors, and breeding grounds for pests including termites. That's why it's so important to have your crawl space inspected on a regular basis. At Harris Pest Control, we not only inspect crawl spaces to identify moisture problems, but we also develop and implement strategies to correct the issues we find.

How We Solve Moisture Problems In Crawl spaces

Our Moisture Control Solutions

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Crawl Space Inspection

At Harris Pest Control, we've been inspecting home crawlspaces for more than 50 years so when you contact our local team for help with moisture-related problems in your home's crawlspace, we'll send out a highly trained and fully licensed specialist to inspect your crawlspace for evidence of wood decay, damage, condensation, standing water, pest activity, and other known issues caused by excessive moisture.

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Crawl Space Solutions

If we identify any excessive moisture conditions, we'll go over our findings, develop a remediation plan, and then get to work correcting the problem! Our solutions include: 

  • Moisture barrier
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Crawl space drainage system
  • Clean-out & sanitation 
  • Insulation removal & replacement
  • Vent & access door replacement

Our Local Moisture Control Pros Are Ready To Help!

Don't let water damage and moisture problems in your crawl space affect the health and comfort of your family. Reach out to Harris Pest Control today schedule a free inspection and find out how moisture control services can make all the difference! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Moisture Control FAQs

Where is the water in my crawl space coming from?

Water in crawlspaces is a common problem for homes in our region and are often caused by storms, leaks, and drainage issues. To determine the source of the problem and to find out how to eliminate moisture in your crawlspace, contact Harris Pest Control.

Will water and excessive moisture in my crawl space attract pests?

It certainly will! Cockroaches, mice, termites, and a variety of house-infesting pests love dark, damp spaces. What's more, termites and carpenter ants are attracted to water damaged wood and will take advantage of the soft wood. 

What will happen if I don't take care of the water in my crawl space?

You know those pests we mentioned above? If you don't fix moisture problems, you will attract pests. What's more, you're likely to see wood rot, mold and mildew, and other damages that can jeopardize your home and your family's health. 

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