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Termite Control

Harris Pest Control has been helping property owners protect their homes and businesses from termite damage since 1973. With our local termite control pros on the job, you can count on us to get rid of termites and stop them from re-infesting! 

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Proven Termite Treatment & Prevention 

Did you know that termites are wood-destroying insects that cause nearly five billion dollars in property damage in the U.S. each year? Unfortunately, these destructive pests are a serious problem in South Carolina, infesting homes and businesses, causing minor cosmetic to major structural damage, and robbing property owners of their peace of mind. If you've noticed signs of termites, have spotted a termite swarm on your property, or simply want to make sure these pests don't have the opportunity to infest your structure, contact Harris Pest Control today! We offer the best and most effective termite control in the Pee Dee and Grand Strand areas!

Termite Inspections & Control

How Our Local Pest Pros Identify & Exterminate Termites

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Termite Inspections

When you reach out to Harris Pest Control for help with termites, we'll send over one of our experienced termite exterminators to complete a detailed termite inspection of your property to determine if you have an active termite problem and to assess termite damage, as well as locate potential entry points and conducive conditions. 

Upon completing a thorough termite inspection, your termite expert will determine the best treatment for your situation: either a termite baiting system or the liquid barrier option. Both treatment methods have been perfected over our 50 years of service. Whatever the option, you can rest assured that we will solve your termite problem with our tried-and-true formula.

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Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System

The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active™ technology is an effective, environmentally responsible way to protect your property from termites and creates an "invisible" barrier of protection around the perimeter of your home that stops termites from gaining access. 

Discretely placed, the Sentricon® termite bait stations are designed to offer ongoing protection from termite invasions - that 24/7/365 termite protection!

What's more, with Sentricon® there is no drilling, digging, trenching, or chemical application required. Your technician can install and/or service the system without you even needing to be home or on site.

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Liquid Termite Treatments

Termidor® SC is an advanced, non-repellent liquid termite technology that not only targets existing termite activity, it prevent termites from re-infesting.

Applied to the soil around the perimeter of a structure, it creates a continuous zone of protection that termites cannot smell, taste, or avoid. Once a termite comes into contact with the termiticide, it will become a carrier contacting and killing the entire termite colony - including the queen. 


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Guaranteed Termite Protection

At Harris Pest Control, our termite control services are under warranty.  In fact, every termite treatment we perform includes a termite re-treatment warranty that is transferrable and renewable. At any point during the warranty period, if termites return, we'll come back out to re-treat! 

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  • residential pest inspection
  • pest control specialist removing spider webs
  • fire ant control within 25ft of the house
  • residential pest inspection
  • pest control specialist removing spider webs
  • fire ant control within 25ft of the house

Intelligent Choice Service Program (ICP)

Pest & Termite

Harris Pest Control's ICP Pest & Termite is an affordable pest control plan that is ideal for homeowners who want protection against common household pests and destructive termites. When you sign up for this plan, you'll receive an initial service visit to treat existing pest problems, and then routine pest control services spread out over the year to keep insects and rodents out! 

  • Year-Round Pest Control
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • Covers 21+ Pests
  • Exterior Perimeter Pest Treatment
  • Exterior Spider De-webbing (up to 15')
  • Indoor Pest Treatment (as needed or upon request)
  • Termite Control with Sentricon Always Active
  • Termite Service Warranty
  • Fire Ant Control (within 25' of your home)

Starting at:
$6600A Month


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Pests Covered & Additional Details

Pests Covered: American Cockroaches, Carpenter Ants, Centipedes, Crickets, Earwigs, Fire Ants (within 25' of the house), German Cockroaches, House Flies, Lady Bugs, Mice, Millipedes, Nuisance Ants, Oriental Cockroaches, Rats, Silverfish, Spider Mites, Spiders, Stored Product Pests, Termites, Wasps

  • Pricing does not include initial fee
  • Excludes coverage for fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, bed bugs, and other pests not specifically listed above. Services for any of these pests are available at an additional charge.
  • Looking for even greater pest protection? Check out our Complete Plan!

CL-100 Termite Letters

In addition to our termite control services, Harris Pest Control also offers CL-100 inspections and termite letters for homeowners who are buying or selling a home in Florence, Myrtle Beach, and elsewhere in the Pee Dee and Grand Strand regions. 

CL-100, or Official South Carolina Wood Infestation Report, is required by lenders in South Carolina. Essentially it identifies and reports:

  • Any visible infestations of termites or other wood-destroying insects
  • Evidence of previous infestations
  • Damages caused by insects or wood-decaying fungi in accessible areas

If you're a homeowner or realtor in need of a termite letter, contact Harris Pest Control today! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Termite Control FAQs

What are the signs of termites?

If you're worried about a possible termite infestation, look for these signs: 

  • Termite mud tubes on the exterior or inside 
  • Termite swarms 
  • Discarded wings on windowsills and under windows
  • Damaged wood that sounds hollow when tapped on
  • Bubbling or warping paint
  • Papery or blistered drywall
  • Sagging floors or ceilings
  • Live termites
How the Sentricon System work?

Sentricon works by eliminating entire termite colonies using bait that inhibits growth of the colony. When termite workers come into contact with the bait, they will take it back to the termite colony to share. Once ingested,  the bait prevents termites from being able to mature, which ultimately kills off the colony.

Do I need to keep the Sentricon system after termites have been exterminated?

Yes, the Sentricon® System remains in the ground to prevent future termite activity. 

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