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Flea & Tick Control

If you're ready to stop fleas and ticks from biting your family and pets, contact Harris Pest Control! Since 1973, our locally owned and family-operated pest control company has been offering effective flea and tick control services in the Pee Dee and Grand Strand regions. 

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You Can Rely On Our Pest Control Pros To Get Rid Of Fleas & Ticks

If you've noticed your pets scratching or have even found flea bites or an embedded tick on yourself or a family member, contact Harris Pest Control for relief. Our pest control company has been exterminating fleas and ticks for 50 years and are ready to help property owners eliminate these biting pests.

How Our Flea & Tick Control Works

The Harris Pest Control Approach

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Free Flea & Tick Inspection

When you reach out to Harris Pest Control for help getting rid of fleas and/or ticks, we'll begin by inspecting your property to locate problem areas and evaluate the severity of the infestation.

Based on our findings, we'll develop a treatment plan that may include interior and/or exterior service.  

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Interior Flea Treatments

For active flea infestations indoors, Harris Pest Control uses a conventional product that paralyzes and eliminates adult fleas on contact and that also contains an insect growth regulator to target immature insects and eggs. 

Treatment areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Along baseboards
  • Cracks & crevices
  • Under furniture
  • Rugs & carpets




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Exterior Flea & Tick Control

To eliminate fleas and ticks outside, our pest control specialists will spray the yard including the grass, bushes, plants, and other flea and tick hotspots. 


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30-Day Interior Flea Control Guarantee

At Harris Pest Control, we guarantee our interior flea control for 30 days. If, during that time, you see flea activity in your home, simply give us a call and we'll come back out at no additional charge!


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Great people and have used them for 10+ years. On time and easy to contact. JP was prompt and easy to work with.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Flea & Tick Control FAQs

Do I need to have my pets treated?

In order for us to ensure optimal results and guarantee our service, you will need to have your pest treated for fleas on the same day we treat your home. If we treat your property but you don't treat your pets, the likelihood of getting rid of fleas significantly decreases. 

How long do I have to stay out of the house after flea treatment?

Plan on being out of the house for 3-5 hours. After a flea treatment, you and your treated pets can return and go about your usual activities. We do ask you to refrain from mopping for at least five days. 


Why do I have fleas but no pets?

Unfortunately, even homes without pets can develop a flea infestation. When we run into this type of situation, we often inspect crawl spaces to check for rodents and wildlife, such as possums, that are known to transport fleas.   

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We will take amazing care of your home or business

From free pest inspections to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can count on Harris Pest Control to solve your pest problems!