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How To Prepare For A Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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During the time required to heat your structure, the potential for damage to furnishings and fixtures is practically non-existent. In order to protect items of a more delicate nature and to ensure that your bed bug heat treatment is successful, your cooperation is necessary. Please follow the precautions and recommendations listed below prior to your treatment. You can also download a copy here or ask your pest control specialist for one.

Heat sensitive checklist

Articles that are impractical to move may be wrapped with an insulating material to ensure safe temperatures. Ask our pest control specialist for advice on any items in question.

The following items should be removed prior to a bed bug heat treatment:

  • Persons, plants, and animals
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Candles, wax, crayon, lipstick, stick deodorant, hand lotions, facial creams, Vaseline, hair gels
  • Medicines & vitamins
  • Aerosol cans including spray deodorant, spray starch, hair spray, etc.
  • Fire extinguishers & other combustible items
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, chocolates, carbonated beverages, wines, liquor, beer, and artificial sweeteners (these items can be put in the refrigerator)
  • Alcohol, mouthwash, and hand sanitizer

It is the owner’s or agent’s responsibility to notify our company of the presence of the following items: fire sprinklers and heat sensors. Also, please remove any batteries from smoke detectors.

Note: It is necessary in most situations to heat for 24-48 hours; thereby requiring residents to vacate the premises during the entire length of treatment.

Bed bug heat treatments and electronics

The level of heat we use to kill bed bugs is not known to cause problems with electronics. However, there have been a few instances when heat has affected televisions. We cannot say for sure that this will not happen again.

If you are concerned about your electronics (TVs, computers, laptops, ipads, etc.) then we recommend removing them from the premises prior to our arrival.

Other items that could be affected by our heat treatments

Other things that could be affected by the heat, but rarely, could include glue used for wallpaper, Formica counter tops, vinyl flooring, vinyl wrapped doors, etc., and vinyl blinds.

Harris Pest Control will not be responsible for any items damaged or affected by this service. If you have any concerns about your bed bug heat treatment, please speak with your bed bug control specialist.

Preparation for bed bug heat treatment

  • Fill out the preparation checklist, checking off the sensitive items as they are removed. Sign the bottom of the checklist and leave it on the counter.
  • Because you will be out of your home for a minimum of 24 hours while your bed bug heat treatment is in progress, you may want to take some personal items with you. These items should be taken out in a plastic bag. No suitcases, book bags, or cloth bags should be removed from the home. All blankets, pillows, and stuffed toys should remain in the home. All clothes taken from the home (including those you are wearing) MUST be run through a dryer cycle before you return.
  • Old refrigerators may not be able to withstand the prolonged high heat. This may cause items in the refrigerator and freezer to be compromised or cause the motor in the unit to become overworked. If this is a concern of yours, then you should remove all items from the refrigerator unit and unplug it prior to our arrival. 
  • It is important that you try to maintain a bed bug free house. Bed bugs are brought in from traveling, on used and rented furniture, hosting guests, and on used clothing and bedding. This is not a comprehensive list but are the ways bed bugs most often enter homes.

To help maintain a bed bug free environment, here are some suggestions:

  • Never pick up discarded furniture or bedding from the side of the road. People often discard good mattresses and furniture because of bed bugs.
  • Never buy used furniture.
  • Never get furniture from a rental company.
  • If you buy or are given used clothing, you should put them in the clothes dryer as soon as you bring them into your home.

The bed bugs that were in your home came from somewhere or someone. If you know where they came from, take the appropriate steps to prevent bed bugs in the future.

If you have local family or friends that frequently visit your home, it is possible that they brought bed bugs into your home. If not, then it is possible that they carried bed bugs into their home from yours. Be aware of this and take the appropriate steps to prevent bed bugs from coming back.

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