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What do black widow spiders look like?

Black widow spiders are typically small, ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 inch in length. They have a shiny, jet-black body with the characteristic red or orange hourglass shape on the underside of the abdomen. They also have long, slender legs. Of course, not all black widow spiders have a red hourglass shape. While it’s a common characteristic, the coloration can vary. Some black widow spiders may have red, orange, or even yellow markings, and the hourglass shape can 
differ in size and appearance.

black widow spider

When are black widow spiders most active?

Very Active
Not Active

Are black widow spiders dangerous to humans?

Black widow spiders are venomous, and their bites can be painful and potentially dangerous. Common symptoms of a black widow spider bite include severe pain, muscle cramps, and nausea. While most people recover without severe complications, it is important to note that the bite from this venomous spider can be fatal. 

Do male black widow spiders also bite?

Male black widows are capable of biting; however, they are much less likely to do so then females of this species. Also, their venom is less potent, and their bites aren’t usually as painful or dangerous. 

What do black widow spiders eat?

Black widow spiders eat other insects that they catch in their strong, sticky webs. 

Where do black widow spiders live?

Black widow spiders tend to prefer dark and undisturbed areas such as woodpiles, sheds, basements, crawl spaces, and garages. 

What should I do if I see a black widow spider?

If you find a black widow spider in your home or business, there’s a good chance there are more of these venomous spiders around. Rather than attempt to get rid of these spiders on your own, it is less risky and more effective to contact a pest control company for help. 

How do I get rid of black widow spiders?

If you’ve discovered black widow spiders or other types of spiders in or around your home home or business, contact Harris Pest Control. Offering effective spider control in Myrtle Beach, Florence, and other communities throughout the Pee Dee and Grand Strand regions, our local pest control specialists will inspect for spider activity free of charge, and then, based on our findings, recommend a treatment plan that will work the best for your infestation. Contact us today for help getting rid of black widow spiders on your property! 

How can I prevent black widow spiders?

Here are a few spider prevention tips to help you avoid black widow spider encounters: 

  • Wear gloves when working in the yard or taking items out of storage
  • Store firewood several feet away from your house
  • Seal cracks and openings, especially around doors, windows, and the foundation
  • Reduce clutter in areas where black widow spiders are likely to hide out
  • Regularly clean and dust in spots where these spiders hide
  • Eliminate other insects (i.e., their food source) that have infested your home 
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Found an excellent local place to help me get these pesky spiders from building nest over my doors. The technician who serviced my house was not only kind to me but my cats as well. That made me know I was in good hands. <3 Phenomenal service!
Crystal D. - Florence, SC

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