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What do brown recluse spiders look like?

Brown recluse spiders are typically light to medium brown in color and have a distinctive violin-shaped mark on the front part of their body. They have long, spindly legs and can grow to about 1/25 to 1/2 inches in body length.

adult brown recluse spider

When are brown recluse spiders most active?

Very Active
Not Active

Are brown recluse spider bites dangerous?

While brown recluse spider bites can be painful and lead to skin necrosis in some cases, severe reactions are not that common. Medical attention should be sought if bitten by these venomous spiders, especially if the bite site shows signs of infection or if fever, chills, or muscle pain occur.

What does a brown recluse spider bite look like?

Brown recluse spider bites can vary in appearance. They typically cause a localized reaction, which may appear as a red, swollen area with a central blister. Over time, the bite may develop into a painful ulcer, which can take several weeks to heal.

Are brown recluse spiders aggressive?

No, brown recluse spiders are not aggressive. In fact, as their name suggests, these spiders tend to avoid encounters with people, and will usually only bite if threatened or cornered.

Where are brown recluse spiders found?

Brown recluse spiders prefer dark, dry, and secluded areas like basements, attics, and closets. These venomous spiders may also be found in shoes, clothes left on the floor, and even in beds.

How do I know if I have a brown recluse infestation?

The most surefire way to confirm a brown recluse spider infestation is to spot one or more of these arachnids in your home. You might also observe irregular and loosely constructed webs.

What should I do if I think I have a brown recluse spider problem?

If you’ve identified a brown recluse spider in your home, we recommend contacting a pest control company that offers treatments for these pests.

How do I get rid of brown recluse spiders?

To eliminate brown recluse spiders from your home or business, contact Harris Pest Control! Our local pest control company offers spider control that includes a free inspection and effective spider treatments for homes and businesses in the Pee Dee and Grand Strand regions of South Carolina. Don’t put up with brown recluse or other spiders; contact us today for relief!

How can I prevent brown recluse spiders in my home

To keep brown recluse spiders out, we suggest implementing the following spider prevention tips:

  • Seal cracks, gaps, and openings on the outside of your home
  • Install screens on doors and windows
  • Keep your yard free of debris
  • Wear gloves when moving fire wood and tackling yard work
  • Declutter your home, especially areas where these spiders tend to hide out
  • Eliminate the insects in your home
  • Inspect storage boxes, produce, and other items you introduce into your home
  • Shake shoes, clothes, blankets before using, and make sure your bed is spider-free
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