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Signs Of Bed Bugs

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Have you heard that bed bugs are tiny insects that are so sneaky you may not be able to find them hiding in your home? Is it true? How true is it? At the onset of a bed bug problem, it is very true that these biting pests are hard to find, but as an infestation persists, you'll start to see signs. Let's look at how hard it is to find bed bugs at first, what you need to know so you can catch them early, and what it looks like to have bed bugs for a while. As always, reach out to your Harris Pest Control team if you have questions or if you’d like help getting rid of bed bugs.

Where you may find bed bugs at first

Bed bugs, known scientifically as Cimex lectularius, are predominantly indoor insects. When you go out into your yard, there is no risk of bringing these insects back in with you. They don't spread like ticks or fleas. Bed bugs hitchhike. It is important to understand this. At the onset of an infestation, you may find them in luggage, duffel bags, book bags, and other items you carry. These are the places you'll want to search first.

Other places bed bugs hide in your home

It is important to note that bed bugs tend to find hiding spots that provide them with easy access to their food source, which is people. Once they leave their initial location, they can hide anywhere they find appropriate, from inside hardback books borrowed from the library to pianos or computers. These pests only require a tight space and darkness to survive, so keep this in mind when searching for them.

The first sign of bed bugs

You may discover a bed bug problem when you start to get bites on your skin. But bed bug bites aren't always obvious at the onset of an infestation. It may take time for your body to react to the saliva of the bed bugs, and initial bites might not catch your attention. But eventually, you'll start to notice the bites. Hopefully, you'll catch them before you get too many.

What do bed bug bites look like?

Bed bug bites typically resemble other insect bites, with a red bump that causes itching, surrounded by an inflamed area of skin. However, you can identify bed bug bites by looking for a unique pattern. Bed bugs usually feed multiple times, leaving either a three-bite pattern or a cluster of bites. If you notice a series of bites in a line on your skin, it's likely that you've been bitten by bed bugs.

Early signs of bed bugs you can find

When bed bugs get into your home, there are a few ways you may find and identify them. Look on or near beds (including the mattress, box spring, headboard, and frame), couches, chairs, and other places where you rest, sit, or lounge. In these places look for:

  • Black fecal matter stuck to fabrics or black streaks on hard surfaces.
  • Tiny white eggs about 1 mm long, in small batches.
  • Brown stains caused by dried blood excretions.
  • Shed skins left by nymphs as they develop.
  • White to pale yellow bed bug nymphs that measure about 1 mm.
  • Brownish-red insects about 5-7 mm with an apple-seed shape and appearance.

If bed bugs are not dealt with in a timely manner, they can spread to other areas, making the situation worse. In severe cases, they may even be seen during the day, and a noticeable odor can be present. If you detect bed bug activity early, you can stop these pests before they establish themselves in your home or climb onto guests. Early detection can reduce stress and may also lower the cost of exterminating them.

How to get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are very difficult to find as they hide in cracks and crevices. We strongly advise against using DIY bed bug products and instead recommend hiring a licensed pest control company to address the issue as soon as possible. A trained specialist will inspect your home, create a tailored treatment plan, and apply it in a systematic manner. Some bed bug exterminators may even provide a bed bug guarantee for a specific period.

Contact us for expert bed bug control

At Harris Pest Control, we offer a comprehensive bed bug control in Olanta, Florence, and Myrtle Beach, as well as throughout the Pee Dee and Grand Strand regions. We provide the best bed bug heat treatments, and our team of professionals is well-trained and experienced in solving bed bug problems quickly and effectively. Also, for eligible properties, we offer a 90-day bed bug guarantee. Don't wait any longer, contact our local pest control company today and get the help you need.

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