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Have spiders entered your home or office building? If so, it is best to seek help from a professional pest control company. If left untreated, a spider problem can turn into a headache or worse.

Signs of Spiders

To check the spider population around your home or yard, go out at night and place a flashlight on your forehead. Shine the light around the base of your home or yard. The spiders’ eyes will reflect back like a diamond. If the population size seems large, simply call us, and we’ll come out and have a look.

In addition to a spider infestation, you may also run into two poisonous spiders: the black widow and the brown recluse. If bitten by either of these two spiders, you should seek immediate medical attention. Tip: always wear gloves when working outside or taking things out of storage. If you do spot a black widow or brown recluse, call us, and we’ll get rid of your poisonous spider problem.

Free Inspection

When you call us, one of our pest control experts will come to your home or business and offer you a free ant inspection. He will inspect your home and property and then design a pest control plan catered to your specific needs completely free of charge.

Affordable Spider Control

Our years of experience and training have taught us that even the most difficult situations can be resolved at a fair cost. When you contact our office, we are happy to provide you with a general cost of service and answer any questions you may have.

Effective Spider Treatment

Once the type and location of the spider population have been established, your pest control expert will implement a treatment process that has been perfected over our 50 years of service. At Harris Pest Control, we have found the combination of chemicals and traps to work best at eliminating spiders. First and foremost, your pest control specialist will remove harborage areas near your home (wood piles, debris). Next, he will remove webs around your house’s perimeter. Finally, depending on the species involved, your technician may use some combination of a residual pesticide, dust, an aerosol flushing agent, and glue boards to guarantee the spiders are successfully eliminated.

Two poisonous spiders, the black widow and the brown recluse, inhabit the Pee Dee and Grand Strand Regions of South Carolina. At Harris Pest Control, our trained technicians know how to identify and eliminate your spider problem quickly and effectively.

Safe Spider Prevention

Safe Spider PreventionOnce the spider problem is under control, we will offer to provide our preventative services: the Intelligent Choice Service Plan or the Quarterly Pest Plan. Selecting one of our preventative services is the safest way to secure your property from spiders and any other pests or rodents that may occupy the vicinity. Our regular service plans provide year round protection at most economical cost.


We provide the guaranteed protection you need. When you subscribe to one of our plans, you will receive year-round protection that’s easy on your budget. We will keep coming back until the problem is solved–with no additional fees. That’s our guarantee.



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